Another great session at the club last night and I’m pleased to announce that the club now has two regular female students, Emily and Juliette.

IMG_3745 (2)

Both women train twice a week at the club and are really enjoying the classes, mixing up their training with the guys at the club (and keeping them in line along the way) and with a bit more regular training, they will dip their toes in the competition circuit here in the UK.

BJJ is for everyone, not just us sweaty guys and I hope this post inspires more women to come and train at the club, where you’ll be made most welcome and you can share in all the fun that happens at the gym, as well as getting into the best shape of your lives. In addition to enjoying all the health benefits that are associated with Jiu Jitsu and a healthy lifestyle.

 So what are you waiting for ladies? Come down to the gym, have a look at a class and speak to the instructor and to the women and hear what they have to say about the classes, you won’t be disappointed.
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