I’m extremely proud of the recent performances from my students over the last few months in three Gi and No Gi events around the London area 🙂

The whole year has been one long training camp as the students have really got the competition bug and have competed every month this year.

White belt Brenda Campos took bronze in her first competition at the Grappling Industries event in August on the Saturday and the following day George Brown picked up a gold medal in the purple belt division.

In September at the All Stars BJJ event, white belts Nick Lavender and Phil Georgiou took a bronze medal apiece and white belt Junho Kim took a silver and bronze medal.

A handful of other white belts competed at the Grappling Industries event and although they dd not medal, they all won at least one match, so congrats to them too 🙂

We now have a number of competitions to end the year with, so hopefully lots more medals to come!

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